Routine dental check-ups are essential for children aged 2 years and older. It is a common misconception that primary or ‘baby’ teeth hold little importance compared to permanent teeth. At present, 42% of 5-10 year olds have experienced tooth decay, causing unnecessary pain, anxiety and possibly affecting the eruption of the permanent tooth underneath, leading to orthodontic issues.

Early intervention at a dental practice can screen for dental issues, preventing major problems before they arise and reducing future risk. All children are screened for gum and soft tissue health, tooth decay and orthodontic mal-alignment, as well as helping them establish good oral health habits early on in life. Help your child take control of their oral health and book an appointment today.

Oral Health Tip: Moderation is Key!

Whilst we all enjoy sweet drinks and foods, they expose our teeth to sugar and acidity, increasing our risk of tooth decay. To minimise this risk we can reduce snacking to 2x/day, opting for fresh fruit and nuts over frequently eating sticky sugars, such as muesli bars, lollies and biscuits. Drinking tap water over soft drinks and juices can help clear the mouth of sugars and acids faster, keeping our teeth healthy and bright!